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Question about reblogs - help please!

Okayyy, so I’m about 80% done with my Homestuck animu picture. I’m already running late for this meme so I’d like to post it today, but I’ll be in bed in about four or five hours, and I wont be around to read my reblogs and tags. I LOVE reading reblogs and tags, you guys say the sweetest/funniest/darndest things, and I don’t want to miss them! But my tumblr only tells me about the latest 25 notes I receive. Is this the norm? Is there some mystery setting somewhere I’ve missed. I can’t find it in ‘preferences’ or ‘blog settings’, and although I have the box ticked for email notifications, I’ve never received a single one. I get no answer for me in ‘help’ option, and Google doesn’t seem to know either. So I’m pestering my followers, does anyone know how I can extend the number of recorded notes beyond 25, or access direct links to reblogs  so I don’t have to spend the entire morning going through peoples blogs to find them? Not that that’s not fun, just it means it takes time from me drawing!

If there’s no solution, I’d like to know too, as then I can at least stop wasting time searching tumblr tutorial sites!

Thanks guys! Sorry for the trouble! *hugs* Off to make a late dinner now, toodlepip~