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Please help. Oh hell, I’m so embarassed ._.

Regular Fullview here.
Fullview with Gam’s Scars here (Personally, I love Gamzee with his scars.)
Fullview without Dirk’s Shades here. 

When I continued working on this pic this morning, I opened up my music list, hit shuffle, then thought 'whatever music comes on next is going to be the title of this picci'. I got ‘Wacky Antics’. Yes. Well done winamp.

 Trolls nipples. Yes/no, discuss >_> I drew Gamzee’s nipple, but then erased it when I finished colouring it. It…seemed…weird. =/ I dunno. I can’t type this, I’m dying. >////< Anyway. Ahem.  Freckles. Yes, freckles are awesome. I love freckles. Dirk’s hair is hard to draw from the side. Why do I keep drawing him from the side?! And Gamz hair is always super fun to draw. As are smuppets. Always.

Should this be nsfw or am I just being prudish? Better safe than sorry, I’ve tagged it as such anyway.  

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